Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)SEO- Search Engine Optimisation

We also offer an SEO service of varying levels, all of our websites are designed in such a way that they are ‘search engine friendly’ so that websites like Google will be more likely to rank them higher. To maintain a high position however, continued work is required to ensure that competitors do not overtake you. We offer full on-going contracts that mean we regularly check and improve your website’s position in the rankings by using various techniques and tools.

As well as conducting your SEO work, we are able to offer a monthly email service that delivers comprehensive stats to you in attractive table and graphs, as well as seing what keywords people are finding your site with. This information is then used by us to further improve your results, which you will be able to in-turn see through the stats.

If you require any more details or have any questions, send us an email at or give us a ring on 01206 262751.