Outdoor Banners

We can offer 2 main products within outdoor banners, a straightforward eyeletted banner for hanging yourself, or 'Monsoon' Banners; which is an A-frame system that has 1 or 2 banners stretched across to create an eye catching, free-standing structure.

Water resistant- All of our outdoor banners are printed on 500 micron scrim banner material, are water resistant, using eco friendly latex ink with no solvents or odours.

UV resistant inks, guaranteed for a minimum of 3 years.

Eyeletted and Hemming to allow easy display, please see pricing grid below for details

Ultima Monsoon Stands are aluminium in construction and consist of easy snap together components, prices below

The prices below give an idea of cost, we are able to produce any size up to 10 metres x 1.5m should you require it. For more details or if you have any questions or require multiple copies which discounts are available, send us an email at enquiries@spingold.co.uk or give us a ring on 01206 262751.


Outdoor Scrim Banner Size

Print only


Hem & Eyelet

2000mm x 600mm (approx. 6ft x 2ft)




2000mm x 1000mm (approx. 6ft x 3ft)




2400mm x 1200mm (approx 8ft x 4ft)




3000mm x 1200mm (approx 10ft x 4ft)




4000mm x 1200mm (approx 13ft x 4ft)





Ultima Monsoon Banner

Banner Size

Single Sided

Double Sided

Monsoon 2500mm width

840mm x 2340mm



Monsoon 3000mm width

1090mm x 2840mm




N.B. Prices shown above are assuming a print-ready .pdf file is sent and do not include artwork charges or VAT